Our Projects

Project NameUsageLand Area m²
Sama Industrial ProjectIndustrial – Commercial991,987
Shams Industrial ProjectIndustrial – Commercial432,600
Reemas Industrial ProjectIndustrial – Commercial 1,032,589
Al-Manakh Industrial ProjectIndustrial780,000
Durrat Assilli ProjectIndustrial – Commercial412,000
Durrat Ashsharq ProjectIndustrial – Warehouses3,275,402
AlFauzan Industrial Project Exit 18 Block 96Industrial – Commercial1,096,000
AlFauzan Industrial Project Hai An-NourIndustrial – Residential818,000
Al-Mashael Industrial ProjectIndustrial746,820
Azizieh Industrial ProjectWarehouses – Industrial – Residential623,215
AlFauzan Industrial Project for Model WarehousesWarehouses – Industrial – Residential920,970
The Golden Block ProjectResidential – Commercial500,000
Al-Kharj Residential ProjectResidential – Commercial326,463
Assilli Showrooms ProjectShowrooms for Vehicles – Residential – Commercial700,000
Pearl Real Estate Compound ProjectResidential25,250
Rana Warehouses ProjectWarehouses840,000
AlFauzan Industrial CityIndustrial (Light-Medium-Heavy) – Warehouses – Residential – Commercial3,324,761
Raneem Warehouse ProjectWarehouses498,415
Ar-Rabea Villas ProjectResidential9,455
Istanbul Warehouse ProjectWarehouses1,014,926
Randa Warehouse ProjectWarehouses – Commercial315,627
Al Mohamadeiah ProjectIndustrial – Residential174,914
«Arabian Business» awarded the Company Best Developer Award in the industrial sector

«Arabian Business» awarded the Company Best Developer Award in the industrial sector

Ali AlFauzan & Sons Real Estate won the best real estate development in the industrial sector Company Award by the magazine "Arabian Business" issued by the Group (ITP) for publication, during a ceremony held at the Prince Sultan Hall in Al Faisaliah Hotel in Riyadh,

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