In life journey, the strugglers will imprint their footsteps there to attain different ends, some become scientists, some physicians, while others become engineers, teachers or businesspersons. Therefore, God decided in Eternity that the paths to glory should be coincided only with men of proper envisions and determinists or civilization builders and makers of its pillars. With such quality of persons, God builds up the Earth and its population for the stability of life and the lives of human beings. As small beginnings are always simple and as cuttings starts with seeds, so today is our day to harvest the fruits of our Holy plant to share with you the coronation of our journey of success. Since its official onset in 1998, our company has consolidated its status successfully as a leading real estate polar that contributed and is still contributing to the activation of urban development that our country witnessed under the reign of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, his crown prince and efforts of honest citizens of this generous country. The company gradually became an integral part of the comprehensive urban development component that our country witnessed in these days. Based on our advanced and (accumulated) experience in real estate filed since 1998 and based of our regular pride of our efficient contributions in sketching the urban scene witnessed by our Kingdom today.

In light of our stern and firm intention that aimed at sustaining the existence and development continuity by utilizing the proper scientific methods that compatible with our vision to the present and to the future, therefore, the Board of Directors – hereby declares the launch of our new identity. Meanwhile, we would continue the March of our ancestors and recommitted ourselves of obligations, respect, innovations and development for the sake of better future that is full of achievements and innovative real estate solutions that are capable to understand and meet the aspirations of our customers at each corner of this generous country.

This crucial transition in Al Fauzan›s history would be coincided with a set of changes at the levels of workforce, technology, and quality of our products, services, and solutions to cope with the spirit of our era. Al Fauzan, through this declaration, would like to renew its promise to focus all its efforts and capabilities towards more uniqueness and improvement. It pleases me to invite you through this booklet, on behalf of our staff members, to identify the most distinguishable features of our new identity. I have also the pleasure to review with you some of our achievements, which have become a direct factor for strengthening our relationship with you. May God bless us All.


Ali bin Fauzan Al Fauzan

«Arabian Business» awarded the Company Best Developer Award in the industrial sector

«Arabian Business» awarded the Company Best Developer Award in the industrial sector

Ali AlFauzan & Sons Real Estate won the best real estate development in the industrial sector Company Award by the magazine "Arabian Business" issued by the Group (ITP) for publication,

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